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(10) tuk tuk roll (4 rolls)


fried, golden and crispy rolls with carrot, mushroom, bifum noodles, cabbage, onion, coriander, chives and garlic, served with homemade hot pineapple sauce.

chicken          r$ 30      

veggie          r$ 27


(11) rolinho vietnamita (2 rolls)


rice paper rolls with lettuce, carrot, cucumber, bifum noodles, basil, mint, coriander, served with delicious sweet and sour peanut sauce

shrimp          r$ 34      

chicken          r$ 28      

veggie          r$ 25


(12) couve flower

crispy, fried cauliflower topped with tamarind chutney, fried onion, garlic chips and pepper confit

original or vegan option      r$ 28


(13) satay  (4 unidades)

skewers marinated in cury, coconut milk and herbs, served with nam jim satay sauce, nam pla and peanuts

chicken      r$ 28   

tofu      r$ 31


(14) isan thai sausage

artisanal sausage from northeastern Thailand, sold by marketers in Bangkok. made of pork with fermented jasmine rice, which gives a super differentiated acidity. served with fresh cabbage leaves, citrus aioli with sriracha and pickled ginger, all made in the house       r$ 32

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(15) fish cake (6 unidades)

popular in Southeast Asian countries in different versions. fish croquette with mild red curry seasoning served with fresh herbs adjaad sauce    r$ 32


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(20) tom yum


delicious lemon grass, kaffir lime and galangal ginger with a touch of coconut milk, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, nam pla, onion, coriander, chives, lemon and chilli oil

shrimp      r$ 45

chicken     r$ 35

tofu     r$ 34

(21) tom kha

Everything in the tom yum with extra creamy coconut milk

shrimp          r$ 45      

chicken          r$ 35      

tofu          r$ 34


(22) phở

vietnamese broth slowly cooked for over 10 hours with authentic banh phở rice noodles, meat, bean sprouts, onions, fresh herbs flavored with anise, basil, cinnamon, cloves, fennel and cardamom     r$ 45

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(23) papaya salad pok pok

refreshing green papaya salad with carrots, cherry tomatoes, green beans, garlic and peanuts with lemon sauce, chilli and nam pla.

original or vegana  r$ 35


(24) salada chang

colorful salad with 20 special ingredients (including bifum and udon noodles, alfalfa, cucumber, carrot, egg, sesame seeds, tomatos, green beans, crouton, peanuts, ginger and lemon). Served with sweet chilli and nam pla sauce and a touch of tamarind.

original, vegetarian or vegan      r$ 43


(25) salada yam

rare meat marinated in oyster sauce, served with lettuce, cucumber, carrot, red onion, green beans, coriander, mint, chives, citrus sauce & crispy rice bran     r$ 34

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pad thai


most famous dish on the streets of bangkok, which brings the five striking elements of Thai cuisine: sweet, bitter, sour, salty and spicy

Original tamarind  pad thai sauce, sautéed in the wok with rice noodles, egg, tofu, sweet and sour turnip, red onion, nam pla, served with bean sprouts, fresh green onions, peanuts and chili pepper

shrimp      r$ 64

meat      r$ 54

chicken      r$ 49

mushrooms*      r$ 49

tofu*      r$ 49

*original, vegetarian or vegan option


bánh mì

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typical Vietnamese sandwich, created more than 100 years ago during french colonial times in indochina. combines ingredients from France with native Vietnamese ingredients to give light to the tastiest sandwich on the planet

crispy and fresh French baguette stuffed with cucumber, turnip and carrot pickles, special sauce (Asian mayonnaise + sriracha), homemade liver pate and cilantro.


grilled pork belly (lemongrass)     r$ 34

grilled chicken (asian sauce)       r$ 32

Beef  (flank steak with soaked in apple)       r$ 34

grilled tofu (herbs)*     r$ 32

*original, vegetarian or vegan option

potato wedges
fried potato wedges topped with asian seasoning to eat as a side of the bánh mì or as an appetizer     r$ 25

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Popular Korean  dish that literally means "mixed rice". served in an original Korean bowl (tukpaegi) that leaves the charred rice in the bottom! hummm ...

Japanese rice, bean sprouts, spinach, carrots, zucchini, cucumber, mushroom mix, sesame, egg yolk tanned in sake, touch of sesame oil, with beef slowly cooked in apple sauce, finished on the table with gochujang sauce (slightly spicy)        r$ 64

Original, vegetarian and vegan option

found  the name of the dish difficult? try to say good appetite in korean “chal meoggessubnida”

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main dishes

served with jasmin rice


(30) massaman curry

sweet potatoes, carrots and onions cooked in massaman and nam pla curry sauce, finished with thai coconut milk, cinnamon sticks, peanuts and bay leaf

shrimp      r$ 65

meat      r$ 54            

chicken      r$ 49

tofu      r$ 54


(31) veggie same same

ervilha torta, brócolis, cenoura, couve flor, baby milho, cebola, tomate cereja e cogumelo shitake no molho oriental      r$ 45


(32) frango tama

crispy chicken, pea pie, carrots, onions and green onions in tamarind sauce with red onion crispy       r$ 54

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(33) bife yam

perfect combination of filet mignon steaks, marinated with ginger, garlic, lemon and pepper. served with jasmine rice and a touch of coconut milk and fresh mango strips, chives, cilantro and mint       r$ 54

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for later

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(40) mangoooo sticky rice

“pulled “ sweet rice with Thai coconut milk, sugar & fleur de sel served with fresh mangos and moyashi beans. sound  weird but trust me,  it’s addictive       r$ 27

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(41) chocothai

brownie (dark & ​​milk chocolate) with drops of caramel, topped with ganache, peanut praline and crispy brownie flour, served with a nest of ice cream      r$ 27

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(42) sorvete Bangkok

rolinhos perfeitos de sorvete feitos na chapa de leite ninho com crumbles de oreos     r$ 19

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(43) brigadeiro gourmet

in partnership with @_sucrebrasil, a delicious spoon brigadeiro that you can only find here at same same. three flavors to please any tastes      r$ 11

milk chocolate    

vegan with 100% cacau     

white chocolate with lemon grass  

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to drink


chai fresh - receita da casa

fresh ginger tea with orange juice and lime       r$ 9



refreshing and exotic lemonade with thai butterfly pea tea        r$ 9

sucos same same - sucos caseiros

natural, vibrant-colored juice sweetened with apple tea       r$ 10

beets + strawberry + orange + lime     

carrot + cashew fruit   

spinach + pineapple


still or sparkeling water     r$ 6    



coca-cola normal ou zero, guaraná, tonic water     r$ 6,5


mango, hibiscus, hop, lime and ginger or green grapes     r$ 16

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to drink and be happy

premium beers

Eisenbahn long   .   Stella long   .   Heineken long       r$ 12

special beers         *upon request and subject to availability


소주 soju

made of rice, sweet potatoes, barley and wheat. this combination makes soju one of the most consumed Korean spirits in the world and a perfect match for our bibimbap

소주 soju tradicional      r$ 37 

과일소주 soju flavored (check available flavors)      r$ 39


drinks same same 


Choose vodka, gin or sake. Then choose which blend you would like and if you want ginger foam… simple as that!

vodka (national)     r$ 26

vodka (imported)     r$ 30

gin (national)     r$ 28

gin (imported)     r$ 32

sake (national)     r$ 25

sake (imported)     r$ 31


blend thai - pineapple, lime and spearmint

blend vietnamita - lemon grass, lychee and orange zest

optional ginger foam



*subject to availability

national sparkling wine

imported sparkling wine


White wine

Red wine